About Us

Learn all about our dental consulting team and the experts behind the Dental Coaching Company.

Two experts joined forces to create a Dental Coaching Company.
Kelly Schwartz from Schwartz Consulting Group
Lukas Kowalewski from Dental Marketer
combined their decades of dental industry experience to create the best solution for your dental practice.

Kelly Schwartz & Lukas Kowalewski
When we created a Dental Coaching Company, we sought to fill a gap in the dental coaching and marketing industry.

Most existing companies either focus on dental marketing or dental coaching, but our diverse team of experts does both. With one experienced, reliable team, you gain access to all the dental coaching and marketing services you need to take your dental practice to the next level.

Understanding the entire patient journey is the key to consistently bringing and retaining patients. Marketing and coaching address different aspects of this journey, which is why these two are so interconnected. By assisting practices with the entire patient journey through these services, we can help your dental practice achieve incredible results.

By combining our expertise and dental industry experience, we built a high-quality team at Dental Coaching Company. Our entire team adheres to the same values, honesty, trust, and hard work. Sticking to these values and leveraging our decades of experience ensures we can help grow any dental practice.

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