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If you’ve been searching for a dental office consultant in Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place! Dental Coaching Company is here to help with our comprehensive dental consulting services in LA. Let us help you transform your dental office today.

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Learn exactly what you can expect from our dental coaching services. Read real reviews from our dental consulting clients and hear all about their experiences with our team. Check out their reviews below.
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Fort Street Dentistry
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I’ve used Kelly and Anna for probably 15 years. Highly recommended for any office at any level. They are good people and know their stuff. Every time he leaves I feel like Tony Robbins just left and everyone is reenergized and fired up. His ability to control dialogue and get the worst patient to see things our way is unmatched by anyone I’ve heard over my long career - and I’ve heard many!
Aisha Olivia
Aisha Olivia
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I previously worked with a group that took a different approach which caused burnout and turn over. I was doing things wrong when a friend suggested I reach out to Kelly. Change can be hard but once we did we excelled and have been consistently seeing growth. Growth as far as my staff, myself as a doctor, and of course the practice. We are working smarter, not harder. I highly recommend Schwartz Consulting!
Paul Schmude
Paul Schmude
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One of the best career decisions my partners and I ever made was bringing Kelly and Anna into our office. We started working with them about five years ago, and they have had a tremendously positive impact on our office as a whole. Our practice is far healthier financially as a result, but more important, it’s ultimately allowed us to offer better care to our patients, and that’s why we’re all doing this to begin with. Thank you, guys!
April Rhodes
April Rhodes
Heck Family Dentistry
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If you want to see practice growth but don’t know how, Kelly can help! Kelly is a systems guy and has multiple systems he can put in place to help you see the growth. He will easily help you to learn to use your practice data when making decisions.
Calla Scott
Calla Scott
Lapeer Dental Centre
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It is amazing how much Kelly and Anna not only care about our success but about the people who make up our office as well. They have helped our office reach new goals, surpass our highest expectations, and be more accountable for what happens inside our office walls.
Daniel Binkowski
Daniel Binkowski
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Kelly and his wife are a great team. We looked at several consultants and decided to go with Kelly after numerous discussions with clients of his that ranged anywhere from 6 months into his program to 20+ years of continual use of his program through multiple practices.
Weston Lunsford
Weston Lunsford
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Absolutley love Schwartz consulting. They start by evaluating data so that they have a clear approach as to what the strengths and weaknesses are in the practice. They then dive into building upon the strengths and guide the team through improving in the areas of weaknesses. I’ve seen incredible results from their methods and highly recommend them to any practice at any level!!
Jennie Shores
Jennie Shores
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It's been a great experience working with Kelly & Anna. They not only help you identify any problems/issues you may be having but also give you the tools to correct them. I personally love their down to earth, no nonsense attitude. We definitely had fun working with them the past couple of days but more importantly feel it was VERY beneficial for our office!
Candy Dalton-Van Nort
Candy Dalton-Van Nort
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If you’d like to take your practice to the next level you need Schwartz Consulting Group to get you there. Their guidance and techniques are proven and so easy implement its seamless! Give them a call, you’ll be glad you did!
Enas Nimri-Yammine
Enas Nimri-Yammine
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What an amazing company. They are already turning my practice around and it’s only been 2 months. They’re always available to speak and truly care. Can’t say enough good things about them.
Dental Consultant Overcame Clinic Obstacles
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Dental Clinic Challenges to Beat

Running a successful dental clinic is no easy task. The truth is that you’ll face a lot of common challenges.

Are you working more hours and investing in marketing without seeing any results? Then it’s time to make a major change.

By now, you’re scratching your head thinking “How do I grow my dental practice?”
Here are a few challenges that may be preventing your dental clinic from flourishing:
Why us

Why Choose The Dental Coaching Company As Your Dental Coach in Los Angeles?

Choosing the ideal dental practice consultant can be overwhelming, given the many dental coaches all competing for your attention. It’s critical to select a consultant who understands your practice’s objectives and can provide personalized strategies.

Dental Coaching Company is your ultimate dental coaching solution. Our team of experienced professionals has a track record of delivering exceptional, personalized dental consulting services. We’ve helped numerous dental offices nationwide spark unprecedented growth and prosperity, and we’re eager to do the same for you. Don’t settle for average results – collaborate with us to elevate your practice to new heights.
Dental Coach With A Dental Practioner

Dental Consulting Expertise

We are seasoned dental consulting experts with decades of experience, offering unmatched proficiency. Unlike typical business coaches, our team's sole focus is mastering the particular nuances of the dental industry, and we have developed the most effective techniques throughout the years. Our services are tailored to provide cost-effective and outcome-oriented dental coaching that can transform your practice. Rely on us to take your practice to new heights, and watch as we help you achieve unparalleled success.

Transparent Services

We believe in complete openness when it comes to tracking your progress, so you can see precisely how our dental coaches are benefiting your practice. Our dental consultants provide clear and transparent services, sending regular reports highlighting all your essential dental office metrics. We make sure you know what the numbers mean and how you can use them. We provide complete access to your results and our methods.

Personalized Strategy to Meet Your Needs

Efficient systems are the backbone of thriving dental offices. The key to success lies in automating and streamlining operations, and that's precisely what our dental business coaches specialize in. We work to design and implement the most effective systems for your dental practice, ensuring that you operate like a well-oiled machine. We set you up for long-term growth and sustainable success.

A Dedicated Partner

At Dental Coaching Company, you are our top priority. We understand that you deserve personalized attention and support, and we strive to provide just that. Unlike other companies where you can feel lost in the shuffle, we work closely with you as a partner to help grow your dental practice. We’re dedicated to the success of your dental practice. With us, you'll always feel like the priority you are.

We Listen to the Data

At Dental Coaching Company, we rely on proven strategies that we know will bring you results. Moreover, we constantly track and analyze data, making any necessary adjustments to optimize your dental practice. Our ultimate goal is to help you scale your practice efficiently. To do this, we leverage a proven, results-driven approach tailored to your unique needs. With our expertise, you can count on achieving your practice's full potential.

Dental Marketing Services

At Dental Coaching Company, we offer a comprehensive range of services beyond just dental consulting. In addition to improving the operational efficiency of your dental business, we provide complete dental marketing services. Our team of dental marketers comprises experts in various fields such as social media marketing for dentists, dental website design, dental SEO, dental copywriting, PPC ads for dentists, and more.


Our Experienced Dental Consulting Firm in Los Angeles is Here to Help

Dental Coaching Company offers comprehensive online dental consulting services to help you transform your practice. Our coaching for dentists in Los Angeles includes:

Job Stewardships

Your dental team is critical to the success of your practice, but managing a dental team is a big challenge. You need to make sure every member of your team - from hygienists, to dentists, to front-office personnel- feels valued and motivated. That's where we can help! We guide you through all aspects of managing your team, including recruitment, team culture, and talent retention. Count on us to help you build and sustain a committed and successful dental team that will take your practice to new heights.

Art of Financial Agreements

Financial agreements are paramount for dental clinics. Improper financial agreements negatively impact your team and overall practice success. Conversely, ideal financial agreements can be the key to a profitable dental practice. Our team of experts at Dental Coaching Company can guide you through the intricacies of dental financial agreements. We help you optimize the financial side of your practice for maximum success.


Patient scheduling can make or break your dental operations. The best scheduling practices and tools ensure a seamless patient flow. Our skilled dental consultants offer comprehensive guidance on scheduling to optimize your dental clinic's efficiency. Whether you need advice on scheduling tools or techniques, we have the expertise and resources to help you streamline your scheduling process and maximize your practice's potential.


Patient acquisition is crucial for dental practice growth, but retaining active patients can be equally challenging. Inactive patients offer a significant opportunity for growth. By leveraging your existing patient base, you can increase revenue without incurring substantial expenses. Our dental coaches specialize in patient retention strategies. We can help you engage with your existing patients in the best possible way to ensure they remain active and loyal to your practice.

Case Acceptance

Case acceptance plays a huge role in the average lifetime value of your patients. Proper patient education and treatment consults are critical factors in improving case acceptance %. Our dental consulting experts provide comprehensive guidance on presenting cases and enhancing the patient experience to increase engagement and acceptance.

Results-Based Tracking

Improving a dental practice isn’t a guessing game. Data analytics is an essential tool for dental practice growth and success. Dental Intel is a powerful tool for tracking your core metrics and gaining valuable insights. We provide comprehensive Dental Intel training to equip you with everything you need to know for results-oriented data analytics. Our consultants empower you to optimize your practice's performance, drive growth, and achieve your goals.

Our Dental Business Coaches are Here to Help

If you’ve been searching for the answer to “How do I grow my dental practice?” you’ve found your answer! Dental Coaching Company is here to help your dental clinic reach its full potential with our top dental business coaches in Los Angeles. Our online dental consultants provide complete dental coaching services and dental marketing to skyrocket your dental clinic growth.

Find out more about how our dental coaches can transform your dental business today. Schedule your free consultation call now.

FAQ'S About Dental Practice Coaching in Los Angeles

Is your dental practice dealing with common issues? For example, are you struggling to hire, train, and retain a talented team? Or to reduce your no-show and cancellation rates? Dental consulting can help you address these common obstacles with a personalized strategy.

Our dental consulting firm helps you to mitigate these challenges without adding more work to your plate. We help you set up and implement the best systems for managing your team, patients, and dental practice. It’s all about helping you accomplish more without working more. Learn more about how our top dental consulting company in Los Angeles can help you today. Schedule your free consultation call.

Choosing a dental coach is a critical decision. Picking the right dental coach can help you achieve your office’s full potential. Making the wrong choice can have disastrous effects on your clinic. Unfortunately, there are many low-quality dental coaches out there with enticing offers. They promise to change your dental practice and often tout extremely low prices.

Instead, you need a transparent dental consultant that shows you the exact value they’re driving for your practice. You need a Dental Coaching Company. Let’s talk more about how we can help your dental clinic today. Schedule your free breakthrough call.

Many dental practice owners want to know how to grow their dental practice. In the end, they often work longer hours and take on more stress to try to make that happen. But the best way to generate results for your practice is to work with a dental coach to address the common issues you’re facing.

Dental Coaching Company starts by assessing your dental office from top to bottom. We evaluate what’s working, what you must improve, and the missed opportunities right in front of you. Then, we craft your personalized dental coaching plan to address common dental office growth obstacles. We help you put the right systems in place to improve production, boost treatment acceptance, reduce no-shows, train your team, and scale your dental practice. Find out more by scheduling your free breakthrough call.

Understandably, many dental clinic owners want to know about the cost of a dental business consultant. Since dental business coaching is a personalized service, the cost depends on the exact strategy for your practice. It’s vital to remember that the upfront cost is a fraction of the results you can see with an experienced dental consultant. The ROI of a quality dental coach is extremely high.


The best way to find out more about the cost of dental coaching in LA is to speak with our dental consultants about your needs. Once we have a better understanding of your unique practice, we will provide you with your custom quote. We can also talk more about your expected ROI and timeline to help design an affordable plan for you. Get started by scheduling your complimentary breakthrough call.