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Dental Coaching Company is here to help you with all of your dental office management needs. Work with us to improve your operations, patient experience, and more. We’ll help you grow your dental clinic to the next level!
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What’s a Dental Practice Management Consultant?

Operating a successful dental clinic is challenging. Several common obstacles keep dentists from growing their practices.

Dentists excel in providing patient care and managing their dental practices. But they may lack training in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of business management and marketing.

If you’ve been searching for ways to grow your dental practice and struggle to achieve the level of productivity you know you’re capable of, consider hiring a dental practice management coach.

Instead of trying to handle every aspect of your dental business alone, partner with Dental Consulting Company. We’re one of the leading dental management consulting firms in the United States and Canada.

As your dedicated dental office management consultant, we bring a wealth of relevant knowledge and experience to the table. Our experienced team is well-versed in the best business practices in the unique dental field.

Ultimately, collaborating with a dental management coach allows you to identify and address any shortcomings in your dental office operations. We help you attract more patients, and retain existing ones. Work with us to grow your dental practice faster and with less stress.

Dental Practice Management Consulting Services

Dental Coaching Company offers a range of services to assist your practice in several ways. Our dental management consulting team provides the following services:


Efficient patient scheduling plays a vital role in the smooth operation of a dental practice. Implementing best practices and using appropriate tools, you can optimize patient scheduling and a steady flow of patients. Our consultants work closely with you to analyze your current scheduling procedures. We identify areas for improvement and help you implement the appropriate scheduling tools and software.


While patient acquisition is important for dental practice growth, retaining active patients is equally as important. Many dental offices face challenges in retaining patients. In reality, inactive patients present an opportunity for growth. Our dental management coaching services provide strategies to optimize patient retention. We work closely with you to develop techniques that enhance patient engagement and foster long-term loyalty.

Job Stewardships

Your dental team plays a pivotal role in creating a positive patient experience. However, managing a dental team is tough. You must ensure that every team member feels valued, motivated, and appreciated. We offer comprehensive guidance on various aspects of team management, including hiring, team culture, and talent retention.

Art of Financial Agreements

Financial agreements are vital for the smooth operation of your practice. Outdated or unfavorable policies have a detrimental effect on both your team and the overall success of your practice. Understanding and implementing ideal financial agreements is key to running a profitable dental practice. At Dental Coaching Company, our experts provide comprehensive guidance on the art of dental financial agreements

Case Acceptance

Increasing case acceptance helps maximize the average lifetime value of your patients. When patients are fully engaged and scheduled for their recommended treatments, it improves the success of your practice. Proper patient education and effective treatment consultations help boost the percentage of case acceptance. At Dental Coaching Company, our dental management experts equip you with the knowledge and strategies to enhance patient engagement.

Data-Driven Dental Practice Tracking

Dental Intel is a valuable tool for tracking key metrics and gaining valuable insights. However, mastering the tool can be difficult. That's where our dental management consultants come in. At Dental Coaching Company, we provide comprehensive training on how to use Dental Intel and effectively track ROI for new patients. Our experts equip you with the knowledge and skills you need for results-based tracking.

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The Best Dental Management Consultants

Are you in search of a dental coach? Not all dental consultants in the USA are created equal.
To achieve the results you deserve, choose the right dental consulting company. You need a partner who is as committed to your practice as you are. A reliable dental management coach delves deep into your practice, explains key metrics, and provides tangible evidence of their results.

Choosing the wrong online dental consultant can have detrimental effects on your dental practice and finances. That’s why it’s essential to choose the best dental office management coach, such as a Dental Coaching Company. As one of the top dental management consulting firms in the country, we boast a team of exceptional dental coaches. Each member brings a valuable skill set and years of industry expertise to help your practice thrive.

Our dental business coaches have the knowledge and experience necessary to help your practice reach its full potential. With over a decade of dental office coaching experience, you can count on us to implement proven strategies. What sets us apart from many other “dental office management coaches” is our unique combination of marketing background and dental industry experience.
Our primary goal is to help you scale your dental practice sustainably and efficiently. Turn to our dental practice consulting services to address operational, marketing, and business infrastructure gaps, so your dental office can flourish.

Instead of wondering, “How do I grow my dental practice?” Let our dental consultants guide you toward success. Learn how our dental coaching services can benefit your practice and improve your life. Schedule your free consultation today and take the first step toward unlocking your practice’s full potential.
Why us

Why Choose a Dental Coaching Company as Your Dental Office Management Consultant?

Selecting the appropriate dental practice consultant is a challenging task. With numerous companies offering their services, it’s hard to know who to trust.


At Dental Coaching Company, our experienced team has a proven track record of transforming dental offices across the country. If you want to grow your dental practice, we are the dental practice management team to turn to.


We understand the unique challenges faced by dental offices and provide tailored solutions that yield tangible results. Our dental consulting services encompass various aspects of practice management, including operations, marketing, and business development. With our guidance, you can enhance efficiency, attract more patients, increase case acceptance, and achieve sustainable growth.


By partnering with Dental Coaching Company, you gain access to a dedicated team of professionals. We work closely with you, taking the time to understand your practice’s specific needs, goals, and challenges. We offer tailored strategies and recommendations to suit your unique circumstances.


If you’re ready to take your dental practice to the next level, turn to Dental Coaching Company as your dental practice management consultant. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals and transform your dental office.


Dental Management Consulting Expertise

With decades of dental consulting experience, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. When you choose to work with us, you can be confident that you're not just getting a generic business coach. We understand the intricacies of the dental industry and develop the most effective strategies.

Transparent Dental Management Services

At Dental Coaching Company, transparency is at the core of our services. We believe in keeping you informed and involved. We share the progress and results of our dental management efforts. Our dental management consultants provide transparent services so you can see exactly what we do for you at all times.

Personalized Dental Management Solutions

We recognize that the dental field has its unique challenges and requirements. That’s why we have tailored our approach to cater specifically to dental practices. Our extensive experience allows us to provide insightful guidance and practical solutions to boost your dental practice's success.

Data-Driven Services

Our approach is rooted in data-driven decision-making. We believe in listening to the data to gain insights into the performance of your practice and identify areas for improvement. By analyzing key metrics and trends, we make informed adjustments to our strategies.

Comprehensive Dental Marketing Services

In addition to our comprehensive dental consulting services, Dental Coaching Company is proud to offer complete dental marketing services. We help you not only improve the operations of your dental business but also achieve continuous growth. Our team of dental marketers consists of experts in several areas, including social media marketing for dentists, dental website design, dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization), dental copywriting, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads for dentists, and more.

Be a Valued Partner

We understand the importance of making you feel like the priority you truly are. As your partner in dental practice growth, we are committed to your success. We work diligently to help you achieve your full potential. We take the time to listen to your unique needs and tailor our services to address them effectively.


FAQ'S About Dental Practice Management Consulting

If you’ve been grappling with the question “How do I grow my dental practice?” consider partnering with a dental management consultant.

A dental practice management consultant is specifically trained and experienced in helping dental offices improve their performance, operations, and growth. They bring a wealth of dental industry expertise alongside providing valuable insights to address your practice’s unique needs.
Dentists are experts in dental care, but not necessarily running a business. Working with a dental practice management firm helps you more efficiently run your dental clinic. They assess your practice and help you improve all areas. Work with us to grow your dental practice and achieve your goals!

When you search for dental management professionals online, you’ll find thousands of options. But not every dental management coach is right for your practice. You need a consultant that will help you reach your goals.


Ask directly about their dental practice management services, expertise, and results. They should offer clear answers and plenty of data.


For transparency and honesty, turn to a Dental Coaching Company. We’ll examine your practice and create a dental practice management strategy that suits your needs. Call us to work with a proven dental practice management consultant.

The perceived cost keeps many dentists from embracing dental management. In reality, there’s no set price for these types of services. The best dental management coaching is customized to your unique practice. We create a personalized strategy based on your needs, goals, and budget. The first step is to contact us for a discovery call. We’ll learn more about your practice and provide you with a detailed quote after. We’re happy to share more about the ROI you can anticipate. Book your free consultation for dental office management today.

You have plenty of dental management coaches to pick from, so why work with our team?


he top reasons why our dental practice clinics choose us include:


  • Dental industry expertise. We’ve helped dental practices around the nation improve and grow.
  • Data-driven solutions. We listen to the data and adjust our strategies to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.
  • Modern tools and methods. Our Dental Intel experts help you implement the best dental practice tools and strategies.
  • Commitment. We care about your dental practice’s success, and our dedication shows in everything we do.

There are many different reasons to partner with our dental management team. Find out more about how we can help your dental clinic. Book your free breakthrough call today.

Work with Our Dental Management Consulting Firm

If you’re searching for the ultimate solution to grow your dental practice, look no further than Dental Coaching Company. Our exceptional team of top dental business coaches is here to support you.

Our online dental management consultants provide comprehensive dental coaching services and effective dental marketing strategies to take your clinic’s growth to new heights. With our expertise and guidance, unlock the full potential of your practice.

Whether you need help optimizing your operations, enhancing your marketing efforts, improving patient acquisition and retention, or with any other aspect of your dental practice, our dental practice management consultants are here to help.

To get started on your journey towards practice growth, contact our dental consultants today.

Real Reviews From Our Online Dental Coaching Clients

How can our dental consultants help your dental practice unlock its full potential? Hear directly from our dental coaching clients about their experience working with our online dental coaches.
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Fort Street Dentistry
Read More
I’ve used Kelly and Anna for probably 15 years. Highly recommended for any office at any level. They are good people and know their stuff. Every time he leaves I feel like Tony Robbins just left and everyone is reenergized and fired up. His ability to control dialogue and get the worst patient to see things our way is unmatched by anyone I’ve heard over my long career - and I’ve heard many!
Aisha Olivia
Aisha Olivia
Read More
I previously worked with a group that took a different approach which caused burnout and turn over. I was doing things wrong when a friend suggested I reach out to Kelly. Change can be hard but once we did we excelled and have been consistently seeing growth. Growth as far as my staff, myself as a doctor, and of course the practice. We are working smarter, not harder. I highly recommend Schwartz Consulting!
Paul Schmude
Paul Schmude
Read More
One of the best career decisions my partners and I ever made was bringing Kelly and Anna into our office. We started working with them about five years ago, and they have had a tremendously positive impact on our office as a whole. Our practice is far healthier financially as a result, but more important, it’s ultimately allowed us to offer better care to our patients, and that’s why we’re all doing this to begin with. Thank you, guys!
April Rhodes
April Rhodes
Heck Family Dentistry
Read More
If you want to see practice growth but don’t know how, Kelly can help! Kelly is a systems guy and has multiple systems he can put in place to help you see the growth. He will easily help you to learn to use your practice data when making decisions.
Calla Scott
Calla Scott
Lapeer Dental Centre
Read More
It is amazing how much Kelly and Anna not only care about our success but about the people who make up our office as well. They have helped our office reach new goals, surpass our highest expectations, and be more accountable for what happens inside our office walls.
Daniel Binkowski
Daniel Binkowski
Read More
Kelly and his wife are a great team. We looked at several consultants and decided to go with Kelly after numerous discussions with clients of his that ranged anywhere from 6 months into his program to 20+ years of continual use of his program through multiple practices.
Weston Lunsford
Weston Lunsford
Read More
Absolutley love Schwartz consulting. They start by evaluating data so that they have a clear approach as to what the strengths and weaknesses are in the practice. They then dive into building upon the strengths and guide the team through improving in the areas of weaknesses. I’ve seen incredible results from their methods and highly recommend them to any practice at any level!!
Jennie Shores
Jennie Shores
Read More
It's been a great experience working with Kelly & Anna. They not only help you identify any problems/issues you may be having but also give you the tools to correct them. I personally love their down to earth, no nonsense attitude. We definitely had fun working with them the past couple of days but more importantly feel it was VERY beneficial for our office!
Candy Dalton-Van Nort
Candy Dalton-Van Nort
Read More
If you’d like to take your practice to the next level you need Schwartz Consulting Group to get you there. Their guidance and techniques are proven and so easy implement its seamless! Give them a call, you’ll be glad you did!
Enas Nimri-Yammine
Enas Nimri-Yammine
Read More
What an amazing company. They are already turning my practice around and it’s only been 2 months. They’re always available to speak and truly care. Can’t say enough good things about them.