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Dental Coaching Company offers PPC for dentists to help you boost your online visibility instantly. Work with our experienced dental marketing experts to get effective, affordable paid ads and grow your dental office today.
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What is Dental PPC Marketing?

If you are looking for a fast-acting growth strategy, working with a dental PPC agency is a great solution. Paid ads show up ahead of organic results, ensuring your site gets to the top of search results.

Target specific service keywords to promote your dental practice and book more appointments. Unlike dental SEO and other organic methods, PPC ads for dentists work right away. It’s a powerful strategy to generate a strong ROI and bring in more patients.
Dental PPC Marketing Analysis
Benefits of Pay-Per-Click for Dentists

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click for Dentists

How can dental PPC ads help your dental practice?

Here are some of the top benefits of dental PPC marketing:

Get your dental website to the top of the search results. PPC Google ads show above all organic results, giving your dental office maximum exposure.

Increase dental website traffic. You can bring in more visitors by getting more eyes on your dental website.

Predictable budget. Set your PPC budget and decide what to invest in dental PPC ads each month.

Service targeting. Target ads around your most profitable services to book more of those appointments.

Why us

Why Choose The Dental Coaching Company As Your Dental PPC Agency?

If you’re looking for a high-quality, effective dental PPC agency, then you’ve come to the right place!


Our dedicated team of dental marketing experts at Dental Coaching Company are here to help with all aspects of dental PPC marketing.

Some of the top reasons why clients work with our dental PPC agency include:

Dental Client Delighted With PPC Results

Dental Industry Expertise

We bring decades of dental marketing expertise to the table. After helping so many dental offices already, we can skip a lot of the trial and error. We know what works, and we’ve been through many algorithm and platform changes. As a Bing and Google-certified dental PPC agency, we have the credentials and knowledge to explain our processes and answer any questions you may have.

Flexible Contracts

We have the expertise and skills to deliver results. However, we understand that every practice has unique needs and goals. That's why we offer month-to-month service options, giving you the freedom to choose a plan that works best for you. Our plans are flexible and adaptable to your changing needs. You never have to worry about being locked into a plan that doesn't work for you.


We believe in providing a high level of transparency. We ensure our clients have access to their account performance data at all times. It’s easy for you to track our progress and see tangible results. We’re committed to your success and work tirelessly to deliver the best possible outcomes for your business.

A Dedicated Partner

We understand that your dental practice is unique, and we prioritize your needs above all else. As your partner in building a successful practice, we work closely with you to develop a customized game plan. Our goal is to provide you with the support and resources you need to achieve your goals. We treat you like the priority that you are.

Data-Driven Dental PPC Services

You can count on our Google Ad and AI trend knowledge to set your PPC ads up for success. We constantly monitor ad results and adjust copy, and strategy as needed. We do everything possible to provide your dental office with maximum exposure to your local market.


Our core values at Dental Coaching Company are honesty and integrity. We always adhere to the rules of local advertising and ethical guidelines. By operating with transparency and ethical standards, we can help your dental practice thrive.


FAQ'S About Dentistry Pay-Per-Click

Many dental offices want to know how to budget for dental PPC marketing. The ideal budget depends on several factors, including which keyword you are targeting. More popular keywords in more competitive locations will be more expensive than less common keywords or those in smaller cities. For example, “family dentist” in “Los Angeles” will be more expensive than a “family dentist” in “Milwaukee.”

Our team will help you choose the best keywords for your dental practice and help you find a fair budget for your PPC ads. We can also provide you with an ROI estimate before starting ad campaigns.
On average, healthcare ads around the United States garnered a 1.74% clickthrough rate. This is not the goal here at Dental Coaching Company. The actual click-through rate you can expect varies by topic, but we aim for a much higher click-through rate. How do we accomplish this? With high-converting copy, optimized ads, and compelling landing pages. We constantly adjust campaigns, removing negative words and improving their quality.
We offer several types of pay-per-click for dentists’ ads. One that many practices want to know about is Facebook ads. When done properly, Facebook ads can have a positive impact, but it’s important to note that most patients do not search Facebook for a new dentist. Overall, Facebook ads can help improve brand awareness and with very targeted messages. However, we often focus on Google ads since they are more relevant for patients ready to book.

Get Started with Dental PPC Marketing

Turn to The Dental Coaching Company for professional PPC for dentists. We’ll help you with everything from setup and optimization to monthly reporting and more.


We’re here to help you boost your dental practice’s profitability through dental marketing, including PPC for dentists.

Click below to get started with your free consultation.


Internet Dental PPC Reviews

We’ve helped dentists around the country book appointments for less money than they ever thought possible with pay per click for dentists.

Our custom PPC strategies are a surefire way to propel your dental practice to the next level.

How exactly have we helped dental practices using PPC for dentists?

Find out everything you need to know by checking the reviews from real dental clients below.
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Fort Street Dentistry
Read More
I’ve used Kelly and Anna for probably 15 years. Highly recommended for any office at any level. They are good people and know their stuff. Every time he leaves I feel like Tony Robbins just left and everyone is reenergized and fired up. His ability to control dialogue and get the worst patient to see things our way is unmatched by anyone I’ve heard over my long career - and I’ve heard many!
Aisha Olivia
Aisha Olivia
Read More
I previously worked with a group that took a different approach which caused burnout and turn over. I was doing things wrong when a friend suggested I reach out to Kelly. Change can be hard but once we did we excelled and have been consistently seeing growth. Growth as far as my staff, myself as a doctor, and of course the practice. We are working smarter, not harder. I highly recommend Schwartz Consulting!
Paul Schmude
Paul Schmude
Read More
One of the best career decisions my partners and I ever made was bringing Kelly and Anna into our office. We started working with them about five years ago, and they have had a tremendously positive impact on our office as a whole. Our practice is far healthier financially as a result, but more important, it’s ultimately allowed us to offer better care to our patients, and that’s why we’re all doing this to begin with. Thank you, guys!
April Rhodes
April Rhodes
Heck Family Dentistry
Read More
If you want to see practice growth but don’t know how, Kelly can help! Kelly is a systems guy and has multiple systems he can put in place to help you see the growth. He will easily help you to learn to use your practice data when making decisions.
Calla Scott
Calla Scott
Lapeer Dental Centre
Read More
It is amazing how much Kelly and Anna not only care about our success but about the people who make up our office as well. They have helped our office reach new goals, surpass our highest expectations, and be more accountable for what happens inside our office walls.
Daniel Binkowski
Daniel Binkowski
Read More
Kelly and his wife are a great team. We looked at several consultants and decided to go with Kelly after numerous discussions with clients of his that ranged anywhere from 6 months into his program to 20+ years of continual use of his program through multiple practices.
Weston Lunsford
Weston Lunsford
Read More
Absolutley love Schwartz consulting. They start by evaluating data so that they have a clear approach as to what the strengths and weaknesses are in the practice. They then dive into building upon the strengths and guide the team through improving in the areas of weaknesses. I’ve seen incredible results from their methods and highly recommend them to any practice at any level!!
Jennie Shores
Jennie Shores
Read More
It's been a great experience working with Kelly & Anna. They not only help you identify any problems/issues you may be having but also give you the tools to correct them. I personally love their down to earth, no nonsense attitude. We definitely had fun working with them the past couple of days but more importantly feel it was VERY beneficial for our office!
Candy Dalton-Van Nort
Candy Dalton-Van Nort
Read More
If you’d like to take your practice to the next level you need Schwartz Consulting Group to get you there. Their guidance and techniques are proven and so easy implement its seamless! Give them a call, you’ll be glad you did!
Enas Nimri-Yammine
Enas Nimri-Yammine
Read More
What an amazing company. They are already turning my practice around and it’s only been 2 months. They’re always available to speak and truly care. Can’t say enough good things about them.

When it comes to running a successful dental practice, being a quality dentist is only part of the equation. The best family dental practices not only offer great service, but they also adhere to best practices for dental office management.


So, how can you run a successful dental practice? 


We’ll share some helpful tips for excellent dental practice management in this article.


Keep reading for dentistry management advice!

Employees First

The goal of your dental practice is to help patients with their oral health, but you can’t do this without a solid team. Many dental practices make the mistake of focusing so much on patients that they neglect their team.


Take a team-first approach. A well-trained and satisfied team will be able to provide the best patient experience. Focus on training and team culture, making sure every team member gets the professional and continued training they need. Work together to define core values and invigorate a team culture.

Save Time Every Chance You Get

Time is not something you can afford to waste in a dental practice. Efficiency is key for both you and your patients.


Help patients save as much time as possible to remove the barriers they often find with visiting the dentist. For example:


  • Offer online scheduling
  • Allow patients to complete forms online before their visit
  • Leverage digital billing
  • Send automated appointment reminders

Differentiate Your Dental Practice

Think about how many other dental offices there are nearby. What makes you the best choice? You need to make it clear to patients why they should choose your dental office instead o the one down the street. Focus on your unique value proposition and how to convey this to your current and prospective patients.

Learn From Your Patients

The best way to make a dental practice patients love is to listen to what they have to say. Find out about their challenges with dental visits and the ways they want you to adjust your patient experience. Provide a fast, simple way for patients to offer feedback and integrate this feedback whenever you can.

Work With an Experienced Dental Coach

The truth is that running a successful dental practice takes a solid approach from all angles. There’s a lot to consider, from hiring and training to patient experience and marketing.


The best way to help your dental practice reach its full potential is to work with a dedicated dental coach. A dental consultant will help you identify and address your top areas for growth, helping you maximize your dental practice.


For an experience dental consultant, turn to The Dental Coaching Company. Our knowledgeable team offers comprehensive services to help you run a successful dental practice.


Learn more about our dental coaching services and how we can help you today. Schedule your free consultation now!